Tarot Accessories

Accessories for tarot reading, including storage boxes, silk pouches, tarot reading cloths and mats and books.

A Witch's Tarot deck is a sacred thing. It should be kept untouched by the hands of outsiders, unless actively engaged in reading. The energies that transfer from the hands of others have to be cleared from your cards periodically, so keeping your deck(s) protected and clean is always beneficial.

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to store the deck(s) in either a pouch or a box specifically charged for that purpose. I have some decks in satin or velvet pouches, and some in velvet lined, wooden boxes. 

Watch for new designs and options here for storing your tarot decks. We are ramping up the options slowly as we want to find a truly unique and wonderful selection for you to choose from!

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