Ritual Tools, Chalices, Wands & Pentagrams

Tools for magical rituals, Witches tools including Wands, Chalices, Pentagrams and Offering Bowls.

The tools of magic are sacred, and so personal to each Witch. Choosing the tools you will use for your craft can take many years. For me, I have spent a life time collecting my tools, and I am still looking for just the chalice...I have a lovely one, but it isn't exactly the right one.  Yet.

The tools in this collection are a mix of pieces I find that I believe are:

  • High quality
  • Unique
  • Reasonably priced

It is critical to me that we present options for ALL Witches on this site, not just those with high paying jobs. Magic is, above all else, a spiritual practice. I want to ensure that we always offer advice and options for those who can't afford high priced choices.

Remember: the only critical tool in magic is YOU. The magic is in you. It comes from you, it flows through you and you control it. The pretty things we use in circle are lovely and enjoyable, but the item you can't work without is your own mind and ability to visualize.

Blessed be! 

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