Ritual Oils

Hand-crafted ritual oils made with pure, organic fractionated coconut oil and organic essential oils, gemstone chips and organic herbs and flowers.

Our ritual oils are produced lovingly, over the course of an entire moon cycle. We begin on the full moon, then charge the oils through the cycle until the next full moon, when we bottle them. We use the finest organic carrier oil and organic essential oils to make them. We use organic herbs and lovely hand-selected gemstones to charge them.

Our oils are manufactured using a little less essential oil than usual. This is done deliberately, to make them safe for use by most asthmatics and folks with sensitivity to fragrance. The idea is to create a product that anyone can enjoy and safely use for magic, so they do not get migraines or have asthma attacks.  Alison is asthmatic herself, and can no longer use incense without it causing asthma attacks. This was the catalyst for creating these oils.

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