LED Glowing Pendant

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Product Overview

LED Glowing Pendant

Want to add something really unique to your look at your next evening event? Look no further! How about a piece of jewelry that literally glows!

Available in 2 styles:

  • Brass teardrop shaped
  • Silver-toned round shaped

Both are on matching chain with lobster style clasp, a generous 30" long.

THe pendants contain a small LED capsule light. It takes two coin cell batteries (included). When the batteries are in the unit, and the connection is made, they light goes on, then fades slowly out, then comes on...and so forth. Sort of like a firefly. You get about 20 hours from a set of batteries, and the batteries are easily found at stored that sell batteries (although they tend to be cheaper on Amazon and other online retailers).

Comes with instruction card, boxed and ready to give as a gift, or store for your next event!


Warranty Information

Shipped with batteries. Product guaranteed for one year from date of purchase, excluding battery life. Battery life approximately 20 hours continual use.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review