Flourite, Tumbled

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Flourite, Tumbled

Flourite is 'the catalyst', as it amplifies the actions of other stones, and brings about changes of all sorts to the bearer.

Colors range from soft greens, through violets to deep purple. Not to be confused with Amethyst, although they look quite similar sometimes, the energy of this stone is quite a different thing!

Birthstone: None

Astrological sign: Pisces, Capricorn

Resonates to the number: 7

Properties: Flourite is a catalyst for change, but ordered change. Flourite brings order out of chaos. For this reason, it is generally a wonderful stone to include in magic and spiritual work related to growth and mvoement, as it helps limit the stressful elements of change and focus on the beneficial.

Flourite is a stone of mental accomplishment, mental accuity and strength. It is a wonderful stone to include in any kind of self improvement work related to the mind, such as higher learning and study.

Flourite is also said to bring and encourage impartiality. It is a good stone to include in a personal mojo bag or spell to help see both sides of an issue or problem, and make fair decisions, with less bias.

THis listing is for one tumbled Flourite stone.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review