Citrine Tumbled, Very Small

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Citrine Tumbled, Very Small

Attuned to the 3rd chakra, Citrine is a multi-purpose metaphysical stone!

Birthstone: (Alternate) November

Astrological sign: Scorpio

Resonates to the number: 6

Properties: One of the coolest things about Citrine is that it does not hold an accumulate negative energy. For this reason, Citrine never needs clearing or cleaning.

One of the folk names for Citrine is "the merchant's stone", because it helps to attract and maintain wealth. Merchants often have a piece of Citrine in their cash box. This is why there is a piece if Citrine included in the Arachne's Web Ritual Kit for Prosperity and Wealth.

Aligned with the solar plexus or 3rd chakra, Citrine is a wonderful stone to carry or wear to stimulate that center for protection, courage and personal power.

The last thing I use Citrine for is the most sacred: Citrine has a property whereby it helps the soul shed the negatives from this incarnation as the soul leaves the body in physical death. Whenever anyone I know is nearing death, I take great pains to  bring a piece of citrine to the room and try to leave it there. The energy of the stone provides a beacon for the departing soul, helping them shed the emotional turbulance of this life, and move more directly to the higher vibration of the next realm.

This listing is for one or two (depending on the size) pieces of tumbled Citrine.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review