Amethyst Points, Small

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Amethyst Point, Small

Amethyst is one of my favorite stones. I love the legends and lore, the color, and the soft, spirital energy it emits. And it's my birthstone!

The listing is for one Amethyst crystal point. These are fairly small, but sizes vary. The stone will be comparable to those in the pictures.

Birthstone: February

Astrological sign: Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius & Capricorn

Resonates to the number: 3

Properties: Amethyst is attuned to the 7th chakra, the crown. It is said to open the crown chakra to spritual energy and to facilitate the flow of that energy into the earthly body.

There are countless ways to use amethyst, but I always note it is the patron stone for addictions of all kinds. It helps the wearer/carrier to fight the addictive impulse.

Include Amethyst in spells and mojo bags for calm, peace, spirituality, communication with higher realms, meditation, psychic development and awareness of the magic surrounding you. 

Legend of how Amethyst got it's color

There once was a beautiful woman named Amethyst. She was reknowned for her physical beauty. Her beauty was so remarkable that the god Bacchus saw her and fell instantly in love. He decided he had to have her and began his pursuit, but Amethyst would have none of Bacchus' advances. She refused him at eery turn.

Finally, in a fit of pique, Bacchus angrily turned the beautiful woman into a crystal stone statue. This action was irrevokable, and the pretty Amethyst was once and for all lost to the world and to bacchus. 

When Bacchus realized what he had done, he wept bitterly over the statue. His tears flowed so ong that they stained the crystal statue a deep, violet color. And that is how Amethyst got it's purple color.

Listing includes 1 Amethyst point.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review